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Begin Customization!
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We present the new QwertyKey 1800 kits exclusively with the new configurator 'Customize Your Keyboard'

Now you can build your own keyboard using the full-size ‘QwertyKey 1800’ kits using the QwertyKey configurator, where you can combine and add different available components such as, Keycap sets, the full range of compatible switches, different accessories and extra assembly, lubrication and so on.

What does the kit contain?


Your keyboard, your color. Choose one of the 6 available colors: Snow, Sky, Ruby, Ink, Obsidian and Blossom.


QwertyKey 1800 benefits from a 5-pin Hotswap PCB. This allows swapping the switches in a simple and fast way by anyone. So once you get bored with the sound and 'feeling' of the switches you already have, they can be changed very easily


The south-facing RGB LED lights are easy to see because they are oriented in the users direction. It is also good for PBT material keycaps, Cherry profile and non-shiny keys that are popular for custom keys.

layout compact.

Compact but equally useful. The 1800 layout is more compact than the classic 100% model. A perfect balance between efficiency and esthetics.


It has total control over all functions. QwertyKey's 'QwertyKey 1800' keyboard software gives you the ability to adjust and change the color and intensity of the RGB LEDs and also the function of each key, create custom profiles and define macro functions.

Download Software

diy or pro.

The 'Customize Your Keyboard' configurator exclusively gives you the ability to configure your own keyboard the way you want using the available components. At the same time, you have the possibility to choose the Extra Service 'Assembly components' where we will personally handle the installation of the components chosen by you, the keyboard reaching you ready assembled. You are also free to choose the DIY path (do it yourself).

* for beginners, we recommend our assembly service, this being done personally by our technicians ensuring the correct installation and perfect operation of the assembled components.

sounds good?

Begin Customization!

The kit contains:

  • 1 USB Cable (Type-C to Type-A).
  • 1 Keycap / Switch Puller.
  • Stabilizer set.
  • Extra foam for the Spacebar included in the case.

*The switches with colored housing(non-transparent) can affect the keyboard's RGB light.

**For extra Lubrication Switch Service, Krytox 205g0 and Krytox GPL 105 will be used, and the process will be done manually.

***Delivery may take between 2-5 working days.

****If any of the extra services are added to the order (Lubrication Switches, Lubrication stabilizers, adding films, Assembly), the order becomes non-refundable!