Keychron V8 Hotswap RGB Knob Mechanical Keyboard

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V8 variant
Switches Lubrication

A mechanical keyboard with the famous ergonomic Alice layout, a configurable, hotswappable volume knob, QMK/VIA support and much more.

Brandi Keychron
Model Keychron V8
Switches Keychron K Pro
Software YES – VIA
Hotswap Yes, this version is 5-pin hotswap
Pre-lubricated switches and stabilizers YES
I'm hungry A layer of silicone
RGB South Facing
Key material PBT Double Shot – OSA Profile
Connection Via removable cable USB 2.0 to USB-Type C
Background lighting Full RGB
Compatible with Windows/MAC
Knob For volume/programmable
way 1000 Hz Polling Rate
stabilizing Screw-in type
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